Alan Price Memorial Trophy

The Alan Price Memorial Trophy is awarded for the best overall individual performance in the Moriches Yacht Club Friday Morning Series, considering the number of boats in each class, selected by a committee consisting of the Sailing Chairman, the Commodore and the Sailing Instructor (s).

The trophy was donated by the Price family in memory of Alan Price, to promote youth sailing. To be eligible, a youth must be a member of Moriches Yacht Club and not have reached his /her 13th birthday that year. (During the series.)

This perpetual trophy will remain at Moriches Yacht Club on display at Moriches Yacht Club.

2011 Alan Price Memorial Trophy Winner

Jackson Hulse

2010 – Kylie Castellano

2009 – Hannah Oswalt

2008 – Hunter Hulse

2006 – Austin Hulse

2005 – Austin Hulse