Club History

In 1899 Moriches Yacht Club began as a sailboat-racing club, meeting in summer months only. The first clubhouse was located in a small building on the shore of Harry Growtage’s home in East Moriches. Moriches yacht Club was incorporated in 1902, and Dr. William Carr was the first Commodore. In the following years, meetings were held in hotels, members homes and beginning in 1905 at the Center Moriches Country Club, where MYC had an agreement to share the clubhouse. The club was not without its difficult times, including inactive periods and reorganization.

After World War I, in July of 1921 a group decided to reorganize the Old Moriches Yacht Club, citing “the need of more adequate facilities for providing social activities.” Planners envisioned a clubhouse that would be “one of the finest on the south shore, with ample provisions for baseball, tennis, golf and other outdoor sports.” The following year Moriches Yacht Club joined the Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association, and sailboat racing continued throughout the twenties, but the dreams of a clubhouse were to become another chapter in another decade of the history of Moriches Yacht Club.

The thirties brought another twist of fate, as renewed interest in the club in 1937 saw a good turnout for racing. The club burgee was re-registered in the American Yacht Register by Lloyds, but the renewed call for a clubhouse on the bay was swept away by the 1938 hurricane.

Following another interactive period, in the summer of 1941, there was another call for reorganization, and a clubhouse. And, our existing property was actually being considered at a meeting on December 6, 1941, however on the very next day, Sunday December 7, 1941, events of history once again ended another chapter of MYC.

After World War II, members again attempted to reorganize the club, and finally in 1949, after fifty years of searching, Charter members of the club each pledged $100.00 toward the purchase of the property at the foot of Union Ave., on the Moriches Bay.

Things moved quickly after acquiring the property, and in July 1950, the first meeting ever was held in the Moriches Yacht Club’s very own new clubhouse. Social events at the club began in 1951, and in September 1952 Moriches Yacht Club held its first official flag raising on the new flag pole acquired from the 1939 New York World’s Fair. In 1958 the marina was built, and the 1960’s brought and enlarged clubhouse with a new galley and bar, a new front patio, and swimming pool. Moriches Yacht Club has come a long way from a time when dues were $10.00 annually and with a treasury in 1903 of $83.00.

Anthony Di Resta

Thanks to Club Historian Richard Ruffing, and the Moriches Yacht Club History‚ published in 1967 by August Stout, Jr.