Marina Policy

Moriches Yacht Club Marina Policy

Marina slips are available to full club members in good standing. Because of the current demand for slips, only one slip is allowed on a continuous basis per family membership. If there are available slips as of Flag Raising, a member can rent an additional slip on a non-renewable basis. There will be a lottery for these available slips. There are three waiting lists for slips which are maintained by the Marina Chairperson on a first-come, first-served basis. To be placed on a list, the member must submit their dated request in writing.

There is a separate list for slips on the South side of the marina and an additional list for the three largest slips. A member does not have to have a slip on the North side in order to be on the waiting list for the South side. When a slip that accommodates your boat becomes available and you refuse the slip, your name is then moved to the bottom of the list. The Marina Chairperson will try to make every accommodation to the boat owners when assigning slips; however, the Marina Chairperson has the final word in assigning or reassigning the slips.

Note: Some boats may be too big for our marina and slips cannot be made to accommodate them.

All partners in ownership of a boat must be full members in good standing of the Yacht Club. Non-members will not be permitted to use members boats.

Marina slips must be paid for by March 31. A boat registration must accompany the marina payment. If payment is not received by the above date, available slips will be given to the next person on the waiting list. Any slip that remains unoccupied for more than one season reverts to the Club and will be reassigned. No subletting of slips will be allowed. Boat owners desiring on-going electrical usage will be assessed a fee. Users of the three dedicated high amperage circuits will also pay an additional applicable fee. All boats kept at the Club should be properly secured and left at the risk of the owner. During bad weather, high winds or choppy seas, boats should be properly secured or removed from the marina. Any damage to the Club property or other boats will be paid for by the boat owner.

Boats must be secured with good quality line of the proper size (minimum size 3/8 inch). No polypropylene line is allowed for mooring boats. The Marina Chairperson will notify a boat owner not in compliance. If necessary, the Marina Chairperson has the right to take corrective action and charge the boat owner for supplies. Nothing will be attached to the bulkheading without prior approval of the Marina Chairperson. All ladders will be made to an approved design of the Yacht Club and installed only with the approval and supervision of the Marina Chairperson.

Moriches Yacht Club can accommodate three boats with a maximum length of 34 feet. The maximum beam will be maintained as per the width of the three existing slips: 12 ft., 12 ft. and 13 ft. The three large slips will be located at the East end of the South dock.

To facilitate navigation into and out of the marina, placement of boats will be based on consideration of all members. A boat’s total overall length will be taken into consideration in marina dockage location.

Floating Docks

Floating docks are to be used primarily for lessons, boat loading and unloading, and temporary tie-up. Consideration of fellow club members should be made at all times. Abandoned boats, trailers and equipment will be dealt with by the Marina Chairperson and the Board. No empty trailers will be allowed to be stored at any time on the Yacht Club property.