Grounds & Rental

Grounds and Rental Policies

The grounds of the Moriches Yacht Club are our own private piece of waterfront property, therefore it is essential that each family take pride and responsibility for the appearance of the club facilities.

There is no one person in charge of emptying the garbage cans around the club or picking up litter left by club members and guests. Every member should occasionally take on the responsibility of emptying a garbage can or picking up some litter. Be sure that you and your children pick up after themselves. The gates to the dumpster area should be kept closed.

No non-adult members are allowed on the club grounds after 11PM unless accompanied by an adult member or unless there is a scheduled club function.

To insure protection of our property and boats, members are encouraged to drive through the grounds, especially at night. Any person(s) found or known to have damaged club property will pay for such damages (driveway, shingles, furniture, etc.).

Dogs are not allowed on club property unless on a leash. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Members should not park in front of the walkway nor on the grass in front of the club house.

Clothes, towels, sailing and boating equipment left on the lawn, the picnic tables or the pool area should be put in the lost and found area in the pool cabanas. After a reasonable time, items will be discarded.

Club Rentals

The clubhouse may be rented under the following provisions.

The Clubhouse may be rented by any member for his or her private use for $500.00 plus a refundable $300.00 security deposit.

The member renting the premises assumes all responsibility. If a tent is erected, there will be an additional $250.00 fee charged.

When the club is rented, the renting party must also be present at the affair.

All rentals will provide their own liquor, wine, beer, soda ,and set up’s.

Club rentals will not be allowed from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, members may petition the board for special events, but must be aware that other members have the right to use the facilities (marina, grounds, pool, etc.) during the event as with all rentals.

Rentals will be denied between October 1 and April 30 if the rental conflicts with a club function already on the calendar.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to approve or deny any individual or group a club rental.

Coordination of all Club rentals should be made with the House and Bar Chairmen and if a tent is used, the Grounds Chairman.