Entertainment Guidelines

House / Entertainment Guideline and Policies

The following are guidelines for organizing and running an entertainment function or dinner meeting:

  • Organize a committee. It is recommended that large events should have sufficient committee and a separate decorating and/or clean-up committee.
  • Invitations/flyers should be prepared at least two weeks prior to the event. They should mention the hosts, date, cost, menu, cut off date for reservations, and any special events for the meeting.
  • The Entertainment Chairperson can tell you where help is available with flyer preparation and printing.
  • The entertainment box can be obtained from the Entertainment Chairperson and the dinner box can be obtained from the Vice Commodore. Each box contains money and keys to the club.
  • Check supplies at least five days in advance of the event. Contact the House Chairperson for any special needs or shortages.
  • Call the Bar Chairperson for any special requests.
  • Each committee must supply bartenders for the function.
  • Check coffee, tea, sugar, etc. in the kitchen. Coffee should be put on at least 1 hour in advance of the event.
  • Due to the high cost of paper goods and in consideration for the environment, we encourage you to use the dishes and silverware at the club.
  • Clean up after the event, put the chairs and tables against the west wall. Stack all the same shape chairs together. Sweep the floors and mop up spills. Leave the Club as you found it.
  • All kitchen equipment should be cleaned and put away, including dishes and silverware. The good pots and knives should be locked in the kitchen closet. Kitchen towels should be washed and returned.
  • All club windows and doors must be closed and locked.
  • All garbage is to be placed in the dumpster and new liners are to be put in the garbage cans.
  • Do not leave any food from your dinner in the refrigerator. Please empty it out.
  • Turn both thermostats to 50 degrees F.
  • Please check the attic for seasonal decorations before purchasing more. Leftover decorations are to be packed in a box and placed in the store room. They will be placed in the attic by the House Chairperson. Others will be discarded.
  • In consideration of the many hard working committees, please make your reservations as early as possible. People who do not attend a catered event after making reservations will be billed if they do not attend or cancel after arrangements have been finalized with the caterer. Guests are welcomed at all events and dinner meetings with the exception of the Past Commodore Dinner which is only open to special guests of the Past Commodore.

    Committee Policy

    Committee members are entitled to attend the function at half price, and they are entitled to free drinks from the bar, at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson. The bar chairman and his wife shall only pay for one dinner.

    Smoking Policy

    By order of the Suffolk County Health Department, no smoking is permitted inside the club.