Corrals & Racks

As adopted by the Board of Governors 7/21/97


  • Active Sailboat: A sailboat that is used at least five times during the year.
  • Authorized Sailboat: Any active sailboat, nothing longer that a Flying Scot, and excluding sunfish or smaller sailboats.
  • Large Corral: Area designated for authorized sailboats.
  • Small Corral: For sailboats and powerboats as determined by the Marina Chairman.

Corral slots are numbered and assigned to authorized boats by the Marina Chairman. Placement of boats is based on consideration of all members and the ease of movement in and out of the corral.

One slot per family membership in the large corral unless all authorized boats have been accommodated.

There will be two waiting lists for slots in the corral. One for the large and one for the small. To be placed on either or both lists, the member must submit their dated request in writing to the Marina Chairman. The waiting list will be posted on the Club Bulletin Board.

All partners in ownership of a boat must be club members in good standing. Non-members will not be permitted to use member’s boats unless the owner is present.

Assigned slots in the large corral will remain the members as long as the authorized sailboat has been active the previous year.

All corral slots are assigned to the boat owner and not the boat.

The corral is not a storage area. If your sailboat is not used by the end of the Fall Series it will be deemed inactive. You will then be asked to remove it from the corral and your slip will be reassigned to an active sailboat.

All boats kept at the Club should be properly secured and left at the risk of the owner. During bad weather, high winds, etc., boats and masts should be properly secured or removed from the property. Any damage to other boats will be paid for by the boat owner who caused the damage.


Small boats will be assigned to the racks on an annual basis by the Sailing Chairperson based on the age and size of the sailor, usage and any other special considerations. A list will be posted on the club Bulletin Board.

All boats and trailers of any type on Club Property MUST be registered with the Marina Chairperson and have a Yacht Club Sticker in prominent display.